Valuations Are Important When Buying Commercial property

These cities are now in a growth phase similar to that experienced along the eastern seaboard over the last two years.Investor awareness of the potential value of land near to infrastructure development over the past 15 years has grown significantly, says Mr Pond. Around 75% of our business revenue currently comes from agency, compared to some 84% five years ago.

There is some 200 basis points premium in Sydney’s favour, he says. In Australia, however, the number of people entering retirement continues to grow, and is also contributing to the strength of investor demand, he says. Using the services of valuation for doing the process from is a better solution for making you free from any type of tension.

However, the current rate environment means that the returns on cash can exceed those on property by a substantial margin. Falling in line with the records being achieved in the retail asset investment market, Sydney prime office yields will hit 16 year lows of below 6% within the next quarter. Exports to the Far East and Australasia have however, now overtaken Europe and represent the country’s second most important export market. Mr Penn says that in addition to the growing domestic appetite, new international investors are entering the market. Shifting trade patterns have had a direct impact on the property market in all 0sectors.

In Europe in particular, wealthy Middle Eastern petro dollars are searching for a home, as are US Investment Banks and the Japanese. Future commerce and property investment will be predicated upon the successful interpretation of economic change.

If the political arena settles, the country’s economic prospects could look increasingly positive. New investment, to take advantage of new markets and opportunities, will continue to strengthen the property sector in the years ahead. Kenya’s current National Development Plan (1997- 2000), produced by the Government, is more international and commercial than previous Plans and is also more positive than at any other point this decade.