What is Property Valuation reports mean?

As many other continental economies remain flat, Europe continues to be a key destination for property related investments. Nearly 40% of all cross-border European property investment last year originated from the United States. While overall economic output in the European Union remained around 1.7% in 2002, comparable to 2001, it is estimated that 2003 will be a much stronger year. Read More

Despite many years of Independence, good comparative economic growth and relative political stability, the country clearly still faces a considerable challenge in meeting the social and economic aspirations of a large and growing section of the population. Whether you are pushing your property valueror not it is innovatively a pressing errand for you to figure your property's expense. Read More

Valuations Are Important When Buying Commercial property

These cities are now in a growth phase similar to that experienced along the eastern seaboard over the last two years.Investor awareness of the potential value of land near to infrastructure development over the past 15 years has grown significantly, says Mr Pond. Around 75% of our business revenue currently comes from agency, compared to some 84% five years ago. Read More

Property Title and Property Valuation

These new highly leveraged investors are prepared to enter the market on high loan to value ratios, pushing prices higher and providing even greater competition for our domestic superannuation funds, he says.With the concept of ownership deeply ingrained in the Kenyan psyche, a disproportionate amount of the country’s wealth is tied up in property. Read More

High rise development in the 10-30 floor range has a 30 year history in Nairobi, but unreliable services and high duties on imported items such as lifts, are now creating disproportionate costs as owners are forced to install full load, stand-by power and guaranteed water systems, along with more sophisticated security measures. In common with many similar markets, decentralization of the real estate sector away from the CBD is well established and gathering further momentum. Read More

Comprehensive real estate valuation Services

Whilst difficult to measure accurately, non residential development levels in Nairobi have been steadily rising over the past 3-4 years. The purpose built market in Kenya is limited, making the majority of construction speculative. Despite low vacancy rates, most occupiers will usually only commit to a building as it nears practical completion or is finished. Read More